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Testimonials to Our Vision

"The social media presence has greatly improved as of recently; I do not know why, but keep it up!" RH

"I just want to thank you for reaching out, I really needed this today." PW

"Hey it's [DL] I stopped in today to let you guys know how I am doing, and to say thank you for this service. My daughter [S] is doing 100% better and I could not've done it without the help of L.C.V.F.S. Thank you." V/R DL


The CreatiVET session on Monday night was really cool. My son and I had a great time meeting others and getting the chance to create together. Kate and Ashley were great. Thanks for starting this program.
In-person comment
Following are the comments of a highly decorated Vietnam combat infantryman who sought help from LCVFSF. “The experience of working with Bob Gorman on my Veterans Administration enrollment and subsequent needs far exceeded any of my expectations. Thank you for truly taking care of me. Thank you!”
Jack M.
I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading Xena’s POV every month. It is the first thing I open to when I get the Pathfinder. She is just so cute and so smart, she brightens up my day. Great feature. Please have her keep it up.
Maryanne G.
We, the members of the College of Lake County Veteran Student Club, would like to thank you for supporting us by making us an official Cup-A-Joe location for the Veteran Students of CLC. We are also grateful for you providing the coffee machine and snacks for our weekly meetings. We are very excited to be associated with the Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation and we look forward to working with all of you.
Thanks again! CLC Vet Club


11-16-16  A big thank you to a great friend and fellow Veteran, Charles von Schletz and the Lake County Veterans and Family Servioces Foundation for the much needed support and care packages made with love and compassion especially after the recent events.  On behalf of the 822nd MP Battalion detachment currently overseas, we would like to thank you and everyone who participated in putting these together!   Happy Holidays, Marines!



Thank you for taking your valuable and visiting the Millburn 8th grade students and the willingness to share with them your life experiences.
They are better for it and so am I.  God bless, Dave

October 14, 2016    Lake County Veterans and Family Services have done a tremendous job helping our family with services and organizational help to relieve stress, both financial and emotional. They are friendly, non judgmental and eager to help get things done for families in need. They are compassionate, understanding, and respectful of our concerns and privacy.

Dr. Mary Roberson is extremely dedicated to giving veterans and families the help they need for a better quality of life. I am very happy with the services of Dr. Mary and the staff of the Lake County Veteran's and Family Services office.
--Mark and Jill F.


August 30, 2016   Thank you all for providing equine opportunity for Veterans, Active Duty and Active Duty Dependents! They were all very moved by the experience with Helena and the horses. The group that attended yesterday included 5 Veterans 1 Active Duty Member and 1 spouse. Four are interested in applying for the scholarship.


I want to thank you both for concern and time spent on a successful effort.  Give yourself five  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   Paul A.     July 2016


Equine Therapy Letter June 2016: Hi Helena! Thank you again for the AMAZING training you offered yesterday. I was deeply moved by the experience and it just confirmed for me (even more) how much I would love for the Vets and Active Duty Members to have this experience.


iRest has helped me get to sleep earlier and more easily; and get back to sleep when I've awakened during the night. Although I love my job working with special needs kids, it is often a source of significant stress - especially at the end of the year. I used to worry about how much I had to do, and not getting things done in a timely manner. The strategies you teach, specifically breathing and visualization techniques help me complete projects, let go of the things I could not complete and go back to them later. Thank you!"  --Maria, Mother of two Iraq & Afghanistan War Veterans


June 2016 “I’m doin’ great, thanks to you guys!  I’m working stuff out and know you will always be there to help me if I need it.  THANKS A LOT!”  Joel R.  


June 2016---I was absolutely blown away by the honesty and sincerity of Charlie’s talk about Memorial Day and what it means to him.  I had never considered how serious a day of remembrance it is.  It’s a “wake” not a party.  He’s right!      --Greg M. 


Dear LCVFSF:  Just want to say “Thanks!” to all of you for having Mike at our Zion Cup-A-Joe and for all you do for us at the meeting.  He is a real pleasure to be around and makes our get-togethers always upbeat.  Good Stuff!   ---Don W.


May 2016   ----I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my daughter.  This is the best treatment I could possibly get anywhere...any time!       ---Morrie D.                           ______________________                                                                                                 

January 2016----Thank you for serving, but more importantly, thank you for all your sacrifices.  You are appreciated and deserve lots of treats.   ---Maria K


Dear Fellow Vets,  I appreciate the help Carl Marro and Bob Gorman extended to me in obtaining my Cold War Service Medal. ---Kenneth S


“Good for you guys!  You are doing some really impressive work!  And thanks to Ashley for all the important information she gave me"      ---Brandon B.


Thank you so much for all of your help with my husband.  Without the help of the Foundation, I don’t know how we could have possibly made the change and the transition.  We will, of course, keep you in mind in Kentucky should we need your help. ---Brooke O.


Thank You for starting this organization for our fellow vets. Many are reluctant to go directly to the VA for help or even a national service organization. Your organization provides an alternative and a bridge.

When first arriving in Florida I was amazed at how many vets there were. I eat at the country clubs a lot and have had many conversations with fellow vets and their spouses. It is AMAZING how many have not filed for benefits they deserve. Several of their wives have commented to me when their husbands go for a bathroom break that the husband is having a terrible time dealing with their WW2, Korea and Vietnam service and the wife does not know what to do.

I try to steer the conversation subtly towards the mental health issues that vets have when they return and often hear the reply, "the VA is all screwed up" and don't want to get involved. My opinion is it is just one of the many excuses we can make up when we are in denial of needing help. It is frustrating and heartbreaking to see them going through this, and especially on the wife's part. I do what I can. A few have responded positively when I suggested how to file for a claim, etc.  I wish I were close enough to you guys to volunteer! Anyway, we do what we can to help our brothers in arms... Who could better understand them... Sorry I have rambled on. Thanks again... Semper Gumby.   John B., USMC, Vietnam 1970