NABVETS Has Helped with Over 65,000 Claims

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Sarah Louise Keys took a seat to make a stand long before the national media had their camera lenses zooming in on the everyday fight by people of color for their civil rights. In 1952 she was humiliated, removed from the bus by police and jailed for exercising her right to sit in the seat of her choosing. The federal law stated she had the right. The prejudice of the South said she did not.

She fought a long and arduous battle in the court system that took years to win and perseverance, courage, deep conviction and strength of character to never give up or give in.

NABVETS is America's #1 Source of support for Black Veterans, their families and communities. Since 1969, NABVETS has provided claims assistance to over 65,000 veterans, many of them African American. NABVETS is proud of this record and thank the Veteran's Service Officers for their dedication and commitment to helping Veterans settle their claims. To learn gain assistance with your claim, click here.