Soldier Without a Uniform

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A Soldier Without a Uniform

Did you know that 72% of CEO's are concerned about the availability of key skills today?In fact, 49% of them are planning to adjust their talent strategy to focus on their leadership pipeline.  If yours is like most organizations, individuals with critical skills like leadership, problem-solving and communication are in demand.
What if The Kaleidoscope Group could help you connect to a service that trained individuals to perform at the highest levels in each of those areas and more? Well, we can. We're not talking about a service, though; we're talking about the United States Armed Services.
  • 65% of the 1.6 million active duty military have led teams of 100 people or more.  
  • 100% of the 1.6 million active duty military will have received 2 or more years of specialized technical and leadership exposure.  
Veteran talent is a rich (and underutilized!) resource, standing at the ready to meet the demands of organizations just like yours.
The Kaleidoscope Group invites you to A Soldier Without a Uniforma one-hour, complimentary webinar that will build a basic understanding of military culture, outline effective talent acquisition strategies, and demonstrate the business impact of hiring veterans.
In this webinar you will:
  • Develop an understanding of veteran talent and the value they bring to your organization
  • Understand the business impact hiring veterans can have
  • Learn some emerging trends happening in the veteran space
This powerful webinar is designed for professionals serving profit and non-profit organizations, as well as colleges and universities, including:
  • HR Managers
  • Talent Acquisition Professionals
  • D&I Professionals
  • Hiring Managers
  • Admissions and Student Services Administrators
  • ERG/BRG Leaders
Don't miss this powerful opportunity to elevate your organization's performance. If you don't develop an effective veteran's recruitment strategy, you are doing yourself a tremendousdisservice.