LCVFSF Partners with Blue Sun Yoga for Veterans!

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Special Veteran and Family Member Program and Rates

Yoga is not entirely a physical practice, although this is where many begin. The intention is to create space to spend time with yourself, take note of how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and how you are responding. This can be done in a number of different ways, either moving or still, and there is no judgment on how you choose to proceed.
No one is “good” or “bad” at yoga. You do not have to have any physical or mental prerequisites. This practice is mainly about being present with where you are, without judgment.

Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stanford showed that Sudarshan Kriya Yoga intervention was successful. Analysis showed significant decreases in PTSD and anxiety. Improvements remained one month and one year later, suggesting long-term benefit.

Recognizing the healing power of yoga and meditation for Veterans and family members, LCVFSF has partnered with Blue Sun Yoga & Meditation in Lake Bluff to offer special rates and programs.  For Veterans or their family members, Blue Sun is offering a 25% Veteran discout off of regular pricing for individual or package course.  To get the discount, please call 847-986-4622 to get your participation certificate.   For questions about program availability, times, styles and more call Blue Sun at 847-574-0505 and talk to an instructor.

Led by Wendy Dahl, M. Ed., a highly-accredited and accomplished teacher, the programs are available every day throughout the day at reduced rates.

“We offer a variety of programs that are designed to meet all levels of experience and interests,” Wendy said. “We are especially proud to offer sessions to Veterans and family members at a significantly reduced rate as our small way to say thank you.”

Program times and descriptions are also available at

The studio is located at 61 East Scranton, second floor, Lake Bluff.