Aquaholics Anonymous Club COMING!

on Friday, 29 June 2018.

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With the inclusion of Equestrian Connections to our list of providers and partners, we now have access to facilities that were not available to us in the past. Specifically, there is a fishing pond that we can use at our disposal.

So LCVFSF is forming a new fishing club called, “The Aquaholics Anonymous Club”, based on fishermen and women’s reputation for their serious addiction to pulling innocent life out of bodies of water. Peer Specialists Bob Gorman and Justin Culliton will be in charge of the club, its membership and its schedule.

“We are eager to meet with and talk with others who are interested in fishing in and around Lake County,” said Bob Gorman.

“Both Bob and I are avid fisherman," said Justin. "That’s me with my Muskie catch. We’re organizing the club, and we want to hear your ideas about where to go and what’s best to fish with on those waters.”

The launch of this new club is bound to fuel many more tall tales of fish caught – and lost.

Those interested in participating can call LCVFS at 847-986-4622.