Ruck March Takes Center Stage

on Tuesday, 20 June 2017.

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There’s an important opportunity ahead for you, your family members, your friends, your co-workers, even your employer to help Veterans and their families.

The September 23rd Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation (LCVFSF) event in collaboration with the Student Veteran Club of the College of Lake County seeks to address two critical needs: lowering Veteran suicides and raising funds to keep the Foundation’s work on behalf of Veterans and their families going strong.


Great Cause!

(Veterans Suicide Prevention)

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The Ruck March of Lake County is set for Saturday, September 23, starting in North Chicago and finishing at the LCVFSF Drop-In Center in Grayslake. The distance is 20 kilometers, about 14 miles. The goal: to focus attention on the 20 Veterans a day who take their own lives.

“We want to call our community’s attention to the fact that Veteran suicides are a national epidemic. We want to change that both nationally and, of course, locally,” said Jessica Lopez, LCVFSF Peer Specialist and one of the key organizers of the March. Moreover, Peer Support Mike Hughes, another key organizer added, “We’re also capitalizing an opportunity to raise funds through event sponsorships and both individual and team participation fees. We are an independent non-profit charity, and we need private donations to help us fight the epidemic and to continue serving Veterans and their families in Lake County.”

Participants carry a rucksack or backpack, to symbolize shouldering the weight of a fallen Veteran. But marchers can walk without a pack and need not complete the entire 14-mile distance. Transportation will be available back to the starting point, or forward to the finish line. Everyone is invited to join the march, civilian or military.

Registration can be completed via Eventbrite for a minimum contribution of $10. Larger donations also will be accepted.

“We’re hoping that companies and organizations, large and small, will support us by becoming a sponsor,” Peer Specialist Justin Culliton added. Sponsor levels start at $100 and go up to $5000 with benefits that vary according to sponsorship amount.

Ruck March hats and T-shirts also will be available for purchase at the registration area the day of the march.

“I’m marching for a Vietnam Veteran that we lost in 1968,” said LCVFSF Peer Support Specialist Bob Gorman. “I’m also marching for my father-in-law who was a WWII D-Day

Others will march to honor service members, friends, family members and work colleagues who they have lost to suicide. Veterans have a much higher suicide rate than civilians.

“We hope that this symbolic March will raise enough funds so that LCVFSF can help more local Veterans and their family members stay alive and healthy,” concluded Pual Baffico, President and Founder of LCVFSF.