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The intent of The Ruck March of Lake County is to bring awareness to the Veteran suicide epidemic that claims the lives of approximately 20 Veterans every day. Only one out of fourteen people have served in the US military in one capacity or another. That equates to 7% and dropping. However, Veterans make up nearly one out of six or 17% of daily suicides. A recent study from the Department of Veteran Affairs revealed a decrease from 22 to 20 Vets who commit suicide daily. Obviously, the numbers are moving in the right direction. But Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation is working to bring them down to zero. You can participate with us in the Ruck March of Lake County and help raise awareness of this continuing tragedy.

The March has three goals: first, to honor those we have lost to suicide; second, to call attention to PTSD suffered by many; and third, to ultimately halt Veteran suicides. How? Participate in a patriotic 20 kilometer march carrying a 20+ pound ruck. The weight in the rucksack symbolizes the daily loss of life as well as the emotional and physical weight carried by those struggling with PTSD and Depression. It is up to you how much you would like to carry. Carry as much or as little as you can or want.

If you feel the same way we do and wish to support our cause, then register to participate in the event and create your own team for competition and for additional fund raising. If rucking isn’t for you, that’s okay. You can participate by volunteering to help before, during or after the event…or just donate to this wonderful cause.

Key Dates and Times
• Date of Event is September 8, 2018
• Registration Check-In is at 8:00 am, Registration at the event is $30 instead of $25. 
• Step-Off at 10:00 am

• The event will start at the Libertyville VFW (293 Peterson Rd, Libertyville, IL 60048) and ends at Daisy’s ARTish Café, 216 North Milwaukee, Number 1,Lake Villa, IL 60046.
• There is limited parking. We recommend carpooling with friends and family or being dropped.

• We highly recommend you start training as early as possible. Not everyone who participates will finish. Cut your toe nails, prep for chafing, use broken-in boots/shoes, moleskin, band aids, bring extra socks and hydrate yourself before and during the event. Water will be available throughout the route, but bring your own drinking source as well. We recommend alternating between water and an electrolyte drink. We also suggest carrying an extra phone battery pack just in case your phone dies.
• Food will be provided for all volunteers and participants around the half way point of the route.

• It is important that you obey all traffic signs.
• No weapons are allowed or needed for this event, so keep them at home.
• Please obey all laws and city ordinances, no need to go to jail that day or get any tickets.


Above all, have a good time for a great cause!


   Call: 847-986-4622