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The Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation, a 501c (3) non-profit organization, was founded in order to sustain and grow a program of Transformational Care for Lake County Veterans and their Families. Our initiative was successfully launched in 2011 with a Department of Health and Human Services grant awarded to the Lake County Health Department.

From its beginning, grant activities were developed to form a unique community-based Veteran care pilot that could develop into an active legacy program that can be replicated throughout the U.S. We are proud to report that goal has been accomplished.

After almost 5 years of planning and execution, on October 1, 2015 we entered a new phase of growth. We successfully opened the DryHootch Coffee Room and Drop-In Center for Service Members and their families to use as a hub of support, information, connection and camaraderie. It is a welcoming gathering place staffed by professionally trained Veterans who are certified Peer Support Specialists. They provide personalized counsel for any Service Member, regardless of age, gender, branch or discharge status free of charge and confidentially.

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments thus far and look forward to sustaining this important work as a part of the Lake County Community.

We are solely supported through private donations.


Now and over the coming years, many Veterans, military members and their families will go through a transition to the civilian world. Many will need support and guidance. Warrior training makes it difficult for them to reach out for help. We want to make it easier and safer by providing support from those who’ve been there.


We connect Veterans with each other and with the benefits and resources they have earned and deserve, regardless of their discharge status, 100% free of charge and confidentially. Through our community providers, we advance trauma-informed care while transforming the way services are delivered. Our vision is to embed 100% care for Lake County Service Members and their families into the community through a network of Veteran volunteers, certified Veteran peer specialists, and qualified partners, providers and collaborators.


$    1. Connect Veterans with each other and resources they need and deserve through a bond of trust.
2. Reduce the time it takes for a warrior to ask for help.
3. Provide 100% free and confidential services to Military, Veterans, Service Members and their Families with service-related issues through a strong peer support network.
4. Educate and counsel families supporting Veterans or Service Members through trauma-informed care.
5. Raise competency in trauma-informed care.
6. Reduce Veteran hospitalizations.
7. Provide a safe environment for those in need to reduce the stigma associated with their needs.


• Post-traumatic Stress
• Domestic Violence
• Children's Emotional Issues
• Legal Issues
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Substance ?buse
• Mood Issues, Suicidal Thoughts, Depression, Anxiety, Hopelessness
• Adjustment related to Deployment, Re-Deployment, Discharge or Reintegration
• Grief
• Education, Employment and Vocational Support
• Financial Support
• Housing/Homelessness


Peer Support

Peer support is the essential component for our success. Those who have been there are the ones who can truly understand and guide someone through recovery from the impact of their military experiences.

A Community of Care

Community support is not bound by legal or traditional military restrictions. When issues emerge that affect our target consumer, we will engage all those affected.

Volunteerism and Employment

We believe that employment and volunteer work are significant contributors to an improved feeling of worthiness and normalcy for our target consumer.  Our focus is to develop these principles of connection in our community for the Veteran and their family.

Family Integrity

Our primary goal prior to, during and after deployment is to keep families intact, engaged and flourishing. We acknowledge support persons as a part of family to be included in the process.


All interventions will be confidential, and any discussion or dissemination of information associated with interaction of our programs or partners will be consumer controlled.

Suicide and Homeless Prevention

Our support of programs that thwart suicide and homelessness is grounded in the value of developing the individual’s hope that things can get and stay better.


We will support programs that recruit, train and certify the next generation of trauma informed providers of our transformational care.