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LCVFSF recognizes that it is only with our community partners that we can successfully care for our service members, veterans and their loved ones. That is why we exercise our commitment to those partner relationships by being the backbone for the Veteran Community Partner Network (VCPN). The VCPN is the Northeastern IL Region MyVA Community Veteran Engagement Board (CVEB) for the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center catchment area, as well as the Illinois Joining Forces (IJF) Northern Region Veteran Support Community group. In addition, the VCPN is part of a nationwide effort through the National Veterans Intermediary (NVI) to encourage collaborative efforts to work toward collective impact of serving the military population together vs. working in silos.

That said, the focus of this group is in its own backyard.

M. J. Hodgins, LCVFSF Director of Community Development and Board Member, began the VCPN group (formerly the Lake County Advisory Group, with another in McHenry County), under a federal grant received by Lake County Health Department and the McHenry Mental Health Board in 2011.

“It was always the vision from the beginning that the community could and should be a place where those who serve and have served, and their loved ones, can be supported and assisted, so they have a choice and there are no barriers to receiving care,” says Hodgins.

Gathering all the local organizations who serve the military population and educating others to join in this effort has resulted in a current 80+ program/resource membership that collaborates with and supports the traditional resources of the VA and Great Lakes. Member organizations bring expertise in most every area, including employment, legal, housing, education, physical and mental health and alternative therapies, and more, and include VFW, American Legion, and other long established Veteran support systems.

“Anyone who has something to offer is welcome to join. We meet to share information across organizational boundaries to continue to build the strongest network possible in both counties as well as southern Kenosha and Northern Cook counties,” Hodgins shares.

Using the common name of Veteran Community Partner Network allows member organizations to serve in all capacities: as individual organizations doing the work; as a local network that collaborates and supports one another in that work; and as the consortium that the VA and IJF can count on to keep their missions for our region alive at the community level. LCVFSF is the backbone organization for the collective, inviting resources of any kind to join, facilitating meetings six times per year, maintaining communication between members, and encouraging continued growth.

If you or your organization is interested in joining the VCPN and help us collectively strengthen the network of care for our military population, contact M. J. Hodgins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Partners in our Mission are also our resources and they are your resources. We recognize this growing list. Just click on the link and connect directly to the partner.


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